Instructions for handling a claim of a technical problem


  • Prepare the invoice and the delivery report you received when you bought your car.
  • Call the claims department at +420 284 022 081 or fill out the e-mail form (click HERE) or come to the dealership in person.
  • We recommend contacting our workers in advance by phone or e-mail to schedule a specific time to handle your claim.
  • The worker assigned to handle your claim will devote full attention to you.
  • Be aware that to handle claims, a car must be physically present for inspection and for writing up a claims report.
  • If you are asked to come to a meeting in person, please bring along the sale folder you received when you bought your car, and in particular: the invoice, purchase contract and delivery report.
  • Claims are handled in compliance with Czech legislation and the AAA AUTO Rules for Claims.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your claim or with the actions of our employees, please send us your comments.

What to bring along to AAA in case of claims

  • The sales invoice
  • The test drive and vehicle delivery report
  • If you are using Carlife coverage, the Carlife contract
  • A service report,if any,specifying the vehicle defect
  • The vehicle

In case of an administrative error in the Certificate of Roadworthiness, also bring

  • The Certificate of Roadworthiness
  • The Registration Inspection Report

Claims must be made by the owner who bought the vehicle or by a person authorized by the owner by an officially authenticated power of attorney that must be presented.


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  • Airport pick-up
  • Organization of accommodation
  • Car transport
  • And much more


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