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30. December 2009
AAA AUTO: There Will Be Interest in Pricier Used Cars Again in 2010
The AAA AUTO Company expects an increased interest in pricier used cars even in the highest category with prices above CZK 500 thousand in 2010. “Over the past three months we have been watching a continuous growth in the demand for luxurious limousines and SUV vehicles, which did not sell well in summer. It could be one of the signals of the ending economic recession,” pointed out Petr Vaněček, AAA AUTO Group Buying Manager.

11. December 2009
AAA AUTO is among the companies with the lowest morbidity rate in the C.R. Roughly 2.5% of employees are on sick leave
Prague 11th, December 2009 – The AAA AUTO group achieved a record low number of employees on sick leave this year. While the average number of employees on sick leave last year was a favourable 4.1%, the number this year decreased to 2.5%.

26. November 2009
AAA AUTO Group Reports its Nine Months 2009 Unaudited Consolidated Financial Results
Prague / Budapest, 26th November 2009 – AAA Auto Group N.V. published today selected its full set of financial statements for the first nine months and the third quarter of 2009. Following the previous announcement of selected financial highlights, reported financial and operating results confirm a return to profitability on the Group level after the implementation of restructuring and optimization plan started last year.

9. November 2009
AAA AUTO Group Reports recorded a net profit of EUR 0.9 million in the Third Quarter 2009
Prague / Budapest, 9th November 2009 – Prior to its regulatory financial results announcement AAA Auto Group N.V. reported selected financial highlights for the third quarter 2009. The results confirm a positive development noted during the course of the year as a result of the successful restructuring programme launched in 2008. The Company remained profitable in the third quarter of 2009 and recorded a total consolidated net profit of EUR 0.9 million including trading results from discontinued foreign operations on turnover of EUR 42.7 million.

21. October 2009
AAA AUTO has the best web pages among automobile companies
The web pages have been ranked first among automobile companies in the competition Web Top 100, in which the largest companies in the C.R. participate.The professional committee specifically prized the AAA AUTO web presentation for its product presentation.Other winners in their categories e.g. were the companies Telefónica O2, Plzeňský Prazdroj, ČEZ, Česká pošta or Hypoteční Banka.

14. October 2009
Over 62% of purchases in car dealerships take place over the weekends
Prague, 14th October 2009 – Over 62% of purchases in AAA AUTO car dealerships have taken place this year over weekends, whereas last year it was only 47%.“This is a significant change in consumer behaviour, which is mainly a result of changes in the labour market.Only last year it was common for customers to visit us during work hours; today, people are working longer and more intensely than before.They thus set out to purchase a vehicle only on Saturday or Sunday,” the Vice-President of AAA AUTO group, Karolina Topolova, asserts.

30. September 2009
The new sales manager of the AAA AUTO Group is David Keller
Prague, September 30th 2009 – the new sales manager of the AAA AUTO group, effective as of October 1st 2009, is David Keller. He will be responsible for vehicle sales, financial services, and banking relations.

24. September 2009
AAA AUTO: Over 70 interested persons took advantage of the scrap subsidy within the first week
Prague, September 24th, 2009 – Over 70 interested persons took advantage of the second wave of the “scrap subsidy” within the first week towards the purchase of a used vehicle at the AAA AUTO group, launched on September 18th 2009. Discounts for the purchase of a traded used vehicle after launching the event had immediately ranged within the fully planned extent of 10 000 to 50 000 CZK.

21. September 2009
AAA AUTO will reduce prices of leased vehicles by 20 to 50 thousand CZK
Prague, September 21, 2009 – The exceptional discount of 20 to 50 thousand CZK, applicable to every vehicle purchased through financing under selected financial partners, e.g. from the company ESSOX, is being offered by AAA AUTO Group from Sept.21st. “The price will be deducted from the vehicle price prior to the calculation of monthly instalments,” said AAA AUTO Sales Manager, Petr Suchanek. The discount level will be directly proportional to the vehicle value and also the term of the loan, whose maximum term may be up to 84 months.

17. September 2009
AAA AUTO is reintroducing the scrap subsidy
Prague, September 17th 2009 – The second wave of the “scrap subsidy” for a used vehicle purchase is being launched by AAA AUTO group on Friday, Sept. 18th. The discount offset on the purchase of a used vehicle will range from 10 000 up to 50 000 CZK.

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