You need to pass a technical inspection

Every two years your car must pass a technical inspection, this then certifies that the car has no major technical problem and is therefore roadworthy from a legal point of view.

The authorised inspection is called Státní Technická Kontrola (STK) and this STK is mostly always combined with another mandatory inspection, called Měření Emisí (emissions measurement).

Technical isnpection - sticker Emissions measurement - sticker

Documents needed:

Price for the inspection STK is CZK 850,-, for the emissions test 600 to 1,100 Czech crowns (depending if it is a petrol or diesel engine).

Where to go: there are plenty of places all across the country, the complete list you can find here.

Tip: If you buy any car at AAA Auto we guarantee that the car will be in perfect technical condition and the car would have already successfully passed all STK and emissions requirements, we save you any technical inspection hassle.

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