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You need a motorway coupon

When using most motorways in the Czech Republic, your car will have to be equipped with a confirmation of payment of the right to use these prepaid motorways, put simply you need to buy a coupon sticker to stick onto the right bottom part of the cars windscreen.

You can choose between three different coupons, a ten-day coupon for 310 Czech crowns, a monthly coupon for 440 Czech crowns or a coupon with one year validity for 1,500 Czech crowns. The ten day and monthly coupons are valid from the actual day of the purchase but the annual coupon is a year to year coupon which is valid from 1st January to the end of the following January, you can buy this annual coupon at any time during the year but it is only valid to the 31st of the following January.

You can buy these motorway coupons called “Dálniční známka” at most petrol stations, post offices and any other place displaying the “motorway” logo.

Note: the motorway coupon is designated for cars that total weight does not exceed 3,5 tons. For trucks please refer to the electronic tolling system.

Information leaflet of State Fund for Transport Infrastructure:

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