You need a mandatory insurance

For every car registered in the Czech Republic, you have to take out mandatory insurance called “Povinné ručení”, this insurance corresponds to third party damage car insurance, which means, that it covers you for damage caused by your car to property owned by a third party in the event of an accident.

To do so, you can choose among approximately 12 insurance companies. Please visit the web pages where you can find more information.

In any case you will need a Certificate of Roadworthiness for the vehicle.

Once you have your insurance contract completed, you will be given the “green card” of the vehicle, which is the document certifying your insurance has been paid. When driving, you must always be in possession of this green card in order not to expose yourself to a severe fine if you are stopped by the police or authorities.

The prices of mandatory insurance depend on many factors; the insurance company’s pricing policy, the amount of insurance coverage required, the number of cylinders the car has, engine size/volume, any extra services, drivers history of no claim bonuses without accident, etc.

As an example, a one-year insurance policy contracted on-line for one of the bestselling cars in the Czech Republic a 2008, 1.6 litre Skoda Octavia starts at around 5,000 Czech crowns.

Tip: For any help with mandatory insurance please feel welcome to contact us at our free call information line 800 110 800, by calling this number you can obtain all necessary information about any aspect of insurance and you can also find out about the conditions of our free special offer consisting of one years mandatory insurance.

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