You have an accident

You have an accident

In the unfortunate case of a vehicle accident, here are some hints about how to proceed:

  • Do not forget to use all of your mandatory safety equipment (emergency car warning triangle, reflective vest, etc.).
  • First check and ensure that you and any other people are not in any immediate or further possible danger.
  • Proceed to check that yourself and if anybody else is not hurt or injured. - If there are injured people proceed to administer first-aid and call emergency services and the police.
  • It is important that you know when the police must be called to attend the scene. Police are required if:
doplnková výbava

      • someone has been hurt or killed;
      • if the damages caused exceed 100,000 Czech crowns (you are expected to make your own
      • if there is any third party property damage (Example: to someone’s fence);
      • if there has been any damage or threat to the environment (Example: fuel leakage, oil or
        chemical spill);
      • or if you are not able to work out who is responsible for the accident or if there is a
        disagreement between other people involved in the accident.

  • If the police are required to investigate the accident, do not move the vehicles. If you have to move the vehicles, i.e.: to re-establish public transport, mark the original positions of the vehicles and if you have a camera it could come in handy later if you take a few key pictures of the accident scene before you move the vehicles.
  • If the police are not required to attend and do not attend the scene you can deal with most of the particulars yourself, you will need to exchange all details with all the other drivers involved in the accident or incident: i.e.: your ID, driving license, green insurance card and you will need to fill in an accident report form, you can find this form here.

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