What to avoid and how to recognize a good reseller

Even if you are aware of and have followed all of the above mentioned advice, there is still a gauntlet of risks and possible problems that could threaten your successful purchase and result in you not being happy even after your deal is done. Let us just enumerate the most common frauds carried out tricksters in the process of selling used cars:

  • Illegal / unknown origin of the car
  • It is indeed very difficult to trace a cars full history! Combine that with the significant number cars stolen in Czech Republic every year and you really are possibly undertaking a risky game of chance when buying a used car. We can not advise you strongly enough that you must ensure the legal identity of your car and that the car you are intending to purchase is exactly what you are paying for. Deal only with well known reputable car dealerships and ask for guarantees from them.

  • Financial problems or outstanding amounts still owing on the car
  • Following are some examples of common precedents: There is still an unpaid leasing contract on the car you have just bought or there is possibly an amount still owing on the car by any previous owner. In any case you are risking confiscation of your car by the police. Your only possibility to get your money back then being a long and uncertain legal process in the courts or with a previous owner, leasing or finance company. More information you can find here.

  • Rewound odometer
  • The rewinding of vehicle odometers is the most common fraud used in car sales by dishonest traders and sellers. Since it is not considered a criminal act in the Czech Republic it is a very frequent occurrence that so many unsuspecting people buy cars with rewound odometers. You can read more about this problem here.

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