We believe on quality and reliability as the main motive of business. Every day we are exploring European automotive market and buying best cars to provide high quality deals for dealers and professional car buyers abroad. Majority of sourced cars came from the Czech Republic, where HQ of our company is located.


Professional buying process

After 24-years in automotive industry we developed high quality control procedure, when our skilled and experienced staff are checking every car condition, interior, bodywork and mechanic same as legal origin, mileage and other key performance indicators.

  • Over 60 % of cars we have to refused for buying
  • Detailed car check is a must (e.g. chassis no, body, paint, diagnostic, test drive etc.)
  • Each car has a legal origin guaranteed and mileage check
  • DEKRA ISO certificates for process quality

Quality car sources

We are focusing primarily on export profile cars with low mileage, newest registration date and top condition with attractive equipment. Cooperation of our company with strategic car producers and dealerships ensure permanent source of young used or brand new cars (called as „Jahreswagen“).

Used cars ready for export

All our cars are without any legal issues and ready with proper documents for registration in your country. All our cars on stock are handled with care before and also during transport to your destination. We are doing the best to deliver all the cars to final destination, where the delivery should not take more than 1 week. Please find more about export process.

Current stock

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