Benefits and bonuses for employees

Dear Customers and Friends:

Karolína TopolováWhether you are looking for a new job with good prospects or just want to learn more about our company, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the personnel department of the AAA AUTO group. Please look over our listings of job opportunities and feel free to contact us. We have a long-standing need for high quality personnel in the areas of automotive technology, business and management. We want our workers to be truly people of character.
We provide our employees with a job in a strong, dynamic company that values initiative and good ideas. Do you want to get started on the best and fastest way to a career? Many of our present managers started at AAA AUTO in entry-level jobs, from which, in the course of a few years, thanks to their professionalism and effort, they were gradually promoted in a transparent process to more responsible positions.
Another advantage of working at AAA AUTO is that the entire business has excellent prospects for the future. High quality, affordable used cars will still be in demand in years to come, and this will provide job stability, one of the most important criteria among job applicants today.
So, if you are interested in an attractive job with the biggest used car dealer in Central Europe, please have a look at our list of available employment opportunities, and we will invite you for a personal interview.

 I look forward to meeting you!

Karolína Topolová
Chief Executive Officer

Come work for AAA AUTO if you are into:

  • Interesting and non-stereotypical jobs
  • Motivating  compensation
  • Potential for career advance
  • Full initial training
  • Comprehensive company education system
  • Practical English use
  • Developed company culture and friendly atmosphere
  • Modern environment with the latest technological support


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