Possibilities of payment

If you plan to buy the car on some kind of loan or leasing, (instead of cash) be aware of some dishonest practices that unfortunately exist within our borders.

The most common ones are to add some imaginary extra fees like admin fees, transfer fees, duties, cost of the technical inspection of the car, etc, etc.

To be sure you don’t pay more than necessary, again it is best to deal only with the bigger, well established companies and car dealerships that are known to be reputable and genuinely have a proven track record of dealing honestly with customers.

Tip: At AAA AUTO we have a proven track record and reputation of dealing honestly with our customers for over 20 years! Our core company values are honesty in all transactions, and ensuring our customers are satisfied. At AAA Auto all of our staff are here to help you and assist you in any way concerning any aspect of car purchase; Our financial advisers are also happy to address any question that you may have concerning the possibilities of loans and/or leasing.

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