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Matters that should be dealt with by the Traffic inspectorate (Dopravní inspektorát)

For any legal matter concerning your car such as a loss of necessary documents, loss of registration plate or to make any change to the sate of your car, i.e. moving to another district or municipality, changing the car ownership, major modifications, changing its colour, etc., you will have to visit with the special department of your local authority called in Czech Dopravni Inspektorat (traffic inspectorate).

Whatever your particular issue or matter, the procedure in dealing with the Dopravni Inspektorat will always be the same, you will need to take all of your documents (if available), your ID card and alternatively your registration plate (if the matter has anything to do with it), go to your local traffic inspectorate, fill in the appropriate application form, pay the standard fee and wait patiently for your turn and for your issue to be handled by the civil servants.

Since there are many different reasons related to your car that you may need to visit the Dopravni Inspektorat we shall not list them all here, however you can visit this website www.dopravni-inspektoraty.cz, where you will also find addresses of your local inspectorates and the appropriate application forms for each matter. Unfortunately the Dopravni Inspektorat website is only in Czech but please feel welcome to contact us for any help you may need. Don’t forget when buying or selling a car to a well-established car dealership all of these bureaucracy issues will be handled by the dealer on your behalf saving you the time and any hassle.

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