We own all cars in our stock. That means we buy only high-quality cars, which we can sell to our customers at a fair and reasonable price. Every day at our 47 branches we offer more than 12 000 tested and proven vehicles. Over the past 31 years we have bought and sold more than 2 700 000 used cars.

We refuse more than 65% of the vehicles offered to us because we know that if we don’t want those cars, you wouldn’t want them either. We do a detailed check of 107 mechanical parameters, so we can confidently offer our customers a 24-month guarantee Carlife® of the technical condition of the cars they purchase. All of our vehicles are covered against electrical and mechanical defects by the independent insurance company Carlife. Even if Carlife denies a claim, we won’t leave you high and dry. We’ll fix the defect ourselves at our service center.

Our average profit margin per vehicle is just CZK 6 200. That’s because we aren’t trying to make as much profit as possible on each individual car. Instead, we focus more on high volume of sales. We specialize in low-mileage cars that have not been wrecked, were bought new in the Czech Republic, and have only had one or two previous owners. It’s much easier to buy or sell a car with us than to try doing it yourself. If you decide to do business with us, you will avoid a number of safety risks connected with dealing with car sellers off the street or with individual importers. It’s better to get a guarantee from AAA AUTO than to risk lots of problems that come up frequently when individuals buy cars from newspaper classified ads.

We check all of our cars against many Czech and foreign databases to make sure there are no title problems from theft, liens, repossession, leases or loans etc. This lets us offer our cars with a lifetime clear title guarantee, which is even transferable. This guarantee increases the value of your car.

With our cars, we offer odometer verification from the company Autogarance Carlife. As you may know, AAA AUTO has long been fighting against the winding back of odometers. I believe that our verification of actually driven mileage will help cultivate the entire used car market and eliminate this, unfortunately, rather common form of fraud.

This is also the reason why we are now working with the consumers’ association SOVA on a bill that would clearly define odometer tampering as a felony. We also support the amendment under preparation to Act No. 56/2001 Coll. on the Conditions for Operation of Vehicles on Roads, which would place stricter controls on the origins of vehicles, their registration, technical condition and the rules governing title transfers.

We’re so sure of our purchasing and inspection process that we offer customers a seven-day option to exchange an already purchased vehicle for another, without giving any reason.


Anthony James Denny

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