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How to choose a good car

Choosing what could possibly be one of your most useful resources on a daily basis is indeed an important matter, and we are very well aware that you are the best person to know exactly what you are looking for, however let us give you a few hints to make sure you don’t get off course, get exactly what you pay for and really make the right decision:

  • Do not hesitate to put the car on a ramp or hoist and make all the necessary inspections, either on your own or with the accompaniment of a professional motor mechanic of your choice.
  • Take the car for a proper test drive as you wish, don’t let car dealers or the seller tell you that you cant take the car for a long drive which is varied enough to assure yourself of the expected driving qualities and features of the chosen car.
  • Be sure the seller is offering you some time period in which you can exchange the car, without having to mention why or state your reason/s.
  • Make sure the car has real guaranteed authenticity and that there is no money owing or a lease still existing on the car in any way.
  • Make sure that the Odometer has not been wound back to display less mileage.

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