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How can you recognize a reliable used car reseller?

Here are few hints that might help to answer this question:

  • Always choose the bigger and well-established car dealers, not only will you be sure you are not dealing with cheaters and rip off merchants, but by buying from vehicle traders that make a lot of realized deals there is a good certainty that you have a more successful and satisfying outcome, will obtain the best price, and be in a better position to negotiate whether you are selling your car or buying a new one. Avoid any “street” deals or bazaars that do not present well.
  • Ask the car dealer or bazaar for written guarantees such as a 100 % warranty on the cars origin and authenticity, Autogarance Carlife odometer verification, and ask them to provide a guarantee on the mechanical condition of your car.

Tip: At AAA AUTO this is all standard practice, we are very proud to offer all these free of charge, plus we will provide you with many more security measures that we know you will appreciate and increase your comfort level. When you buy a car from AAA Auto you will know you are getting exactly what you have paid for with 100 % certainty - 12 months warranty on mechanical condition, Autogarance Carlife odometer verification and a lifetime warranty on the vehicles origins.

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