At AAA AUTO we rely on the professionalism that we and our customers expect. Throughout our operations in the European market, we promote high standards when trading used cars. Therefore, obtaining quality certificates is the logical next step in our efforts to give our customers only the best.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

All the processes that accompany the purchase and sale of used cars at AAA AUTO meet strict international criteria and have reached the highest quality levels. At the end, there is great customer service and we are highly experienced in all the branches of AAA AUTO, with the same quality of products. Regular inspection audits ensure that these consistently high levels are kept.

ISO 14001 Environmental certificate

The trade in used cars can be carried out in a way to avoid any unnecessary burden on the environment. We consider it very important to treat the environment responsibly . We have improved all our processes to meet the strict conditions of certification. This way, we give our customers a clear sign that we are a responsible and respectful company.

Secure shopping

The Secure Shopping Certificates awarded to AAA AUTO mean that the procedure by which cars are inspected and accepted for sale, has undergone a rigorous audit. Customer confidence comes from the fact that all the cars which we select were carefully examined in accordance with certified procedures.