Call center AAA AUTO

Basic call center information:

  • Sited in Prague
  • Available for clients in all 4 countries where AAA AUTO is present
  • 180 employees
  • 13 languages
  • 3 083 873 calls in 2014

Call centre – how does it work?


  • Call 800 110 800
  • You are connected to an individual operator who arranges the necessary details
  • Operator passes all information over to a buy-out representative
  • Basic evaluation of your car is prepared
  • If you are interested, the salesman arranges an appointment with you at a dealership or organizes a mobile buy-out representative to travel over to you


  • Call 800 110 800
  • You are connected to an individual operator who arranges all the necessary details
  • Operator passes all information over to a sales representative
  • The salesman reserves a car of your choice (or organizes for the car to be transported to the branch dealer of your choice) or helps you choose a suitable car for you
  • Informs you about potential financing alternatives, actual bonuses and discounts
  • Assists with navigating or transporting you to the nearest branch dealer
  • Arranges an appointment at the branch dealer
  • AAA AUTO takes charge of the following services, e.g. vehicle licensing documentation


Call center manager to customers

Dear Customers, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Vojtěch ToráčIf you want to buy a high-quality used car or sell your old car today, apart from paying for it and picking it up, you need not leave the comfort of your own home. You can’t believe it? All you need is a telephone or the internet. When you call our toll-free information line on 800 110 800, within a few seconds you will be connected with an AAA AUTO call centre operator who will speak with you and will be able to react to your needs and wishes involving used cars or vehicle financing, within just a few minutes. Then you just arrange a meeting for a test drive, and soon you will be back home with your new car. Our call centre has been in operation for 22 and is among the best of its kind in the entire Czech Republic. Working here are more than one hundred experienced operators who are also automotive purchase advisors. Our call centre is open every day, including holidays, 9-17.

You can also take a look at our web portal at Just enter the specifics, and you will be directed without fail to a used car that ideally meets your needs. How experts rate our internet presentation for customers is shown by the fact that our website at took 1st place among automotive firms in the Web Top 100 competition in 2009. Our website is constantly being perfected. Today, every used car we sell has a mini-gallery of 20 photographs. That is why tens of thousands of potential customers visit our website at every day.

Thanks to their quality, our business and information services, by telephone and on-line, help with the realization of about half of all deals made to buy or sell a car at the AAA AUTO group. And customers who believe that time is money can save even more of their time by taking advantage of our offer of having the used car of their choice brought right to where they live. We can even buy your car right there, on the spot. Over the past 28 years, over half a million customers have appreciated the comprehensive, high-quality services at AAA AUTO. Come, see for yourself!

Yours sincerely,

Vojtěch Toráč
AAA AUTO Call center manager


Want more information? Call +420 284 022 081 or E-mail.