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18. December 2013
AAA AUTO customers purchase 55,000 automobiles this year – Group exceeds last year’s sales by 10%
Prague/Bratislava, 18 December 2013 – AAA AUTO customers have already bought 55,000 automobiles this year. The Group has thus sold to date in 2013 the greatest number of used cars since the outbreak of the financial crisis at the end of 2007. At the close of 2013, Group management anticipates sales results to be even better by several 100 more vehicles.

3. December 2013
AAA AUTO Group Sales Keeps 10% Growth with almost 53 Thousand Cars Sold in 11M 2013
Prague, 3 December 2013 – Sales of AAA AUTO Group continued to grow by 10% y-o-y also in November with 4,860 cars sold which means the customers already bought the total 52,772 cars in 11 months of 2013. This result means the best November sales in six years. The main driving force behind this success were namely the sales in the Czech Republic, which grew almost 19%. The company continues its unprecedented period of 43 consecutive months of continuous year-on-year growth and has increased its estimate for 2013 sales to more than 55,000 cars.

27. November 2013
AAA AUTO expands parking lot by 40,000 sq. meters to accommodate additional 2,000 cars for export
Prague, 27 November 2013 – As a result of the latest rapid growth of AAA AUTO export sales, the company has had to expand its parking lot considerably to accommodate the increasing number of cars for export. The devaluation of the Czech koruna has also been a contributing factor to the greater demand for AAA AUTO used cars in target countries which are the western part of the EU (Germany, the Netherlands), Scandinavia (Finland), CIS (Russia, Belarus), and North Africa.

19. November 2013
AAA AUTO Records 44% Increase in Demand for 4-Wheel Drives with the Arrival of the First Snow
Prague, 19 November 2013 – Following a significant increase in the demand for 4-wheel drive vehicles during the year, with the approach of winter there has been a dramatic increase in demand for vehicles in this category. With almost 1,100 available cars, AAA AUTO is the largest seller of 4-wheel drive vehicles in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. AAA AUTO statistics show that the most popular 4-wheel drive category are SUVs. However, customers are also interested in estates, sedans and hatchbacks. In fact, the demand for estates has exceeded the demand for the original matadors in the 4-wheel drive class, off-road vehicles.

22. October 2013
The AAA AUTO Group Imports 4,000 Near-New Used Cars from the EU in 2013
Prague, 22 October 2013: In 2013, the AAA AUTO Group achieved a record year. It imported roughly 4,000 near-new used cars from the EU. About 15% of these cars were immediately re-exported to the CIS (mainly Russia), the Ukraine and other eastern European countries (mainly the Baltic Republics). AAA AUTO is looking to increase the number of these exportable cars by negotiating directly with some of the largest European car auction houses.

10. October 2013
AAA AUTO to Open a Unique Training Centre – the Largest in Europe Serving the Used Car Segment
Prague, October 10, 2013 – In 2013, the AAA AUTO Group will open the largest training centre in Europe to provide used-car professionals with comprehensive training and development programs. The new training centre – the “AAA AUTO Sales Academy” – will support the educational needs of the company’s own employees and managers and it will also be available to select foreign business partners and their employees. Graduates of the specialised training programs will be fully qualified professionals in such areas as sales, purchasing, financial products stock management and specialised automotive software systems knowledge.

1. October 2013
Q3 2013, AAA AUTO Group’s Sales Growth Accelerates – Almost 43,000 Cars Sold
Prague, 1 October 2013 – Sales results for the first nine months of 2013 have come in with the AAA AUTO Group selling 42,852 vehicles. This is 9.9% more vehicles sold than in the comparable period of 2012. The fastest growing region is Russia, with Slovakian sales also very strong. Sales in the Czech Republic have been stronger than expected at the beginning of this year.

26. September 2013
Children´s Playrooms and Childcare Places a Much Sought After Employee Benefit
Prague, 25 September 2013 – More and more Czech companies are introducing children’s playrooms and childcare centers at their workplaces. In addition to more traditional employee benefit offerings, this new trend is seen benefiting both employers and employees. Onsite or premise-based daycare for young children is a significant advantage to employees who welcome the opportunity for a problem-free return to work even shortly after having started a family.

18. September 2013
More-and-More Students Are Buying Used Cars
Prague, 18 September 2013 – The percentage of student buyers coming into used car showrooms is increasing every year. This increase in the number of students who appreciate the advantages of having their own car is especially strong in university towns. This information comes from current statistics of the AAA AUTO Group. Whereas 10 years ago, students made up less than 1% of people buying used cars, since 2009 their number has been on the increase every year and is now verging on the borderline of 5%.

12. September 2013
2,700 Mototechna Vehicles Sold in 2013 – Plans to Break into the Premium Luxury Car Segment
Prague, 12 September 2013 – The historic Czech Mototechna brand, which dates back over 50 years, had now been successfully revived. Over the course of the year, Mototechna has sold 2,150 cars in the Czech Republic and 550 in Slovakia. The company is now getting ready for sales in the premium luxury car segment and the introduction of a new website concept with responsive design for tablets and mobile telephones. Mototechna is the brand used to sell nearly new cars operated by the largest Central European used car trader AAA AUTO.

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