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1. December 2010
AAA AUTO still prefers car from domestic provenience rather than imported ones
Prague, 1st of December 2010 – The current offer of the company AAA AUTO includes 70% of used cars that had been bought as brand new in the Czech Republic, a fact that gives customers a greater feeling of security. “With cars from domestic provenience, we are able to check better the precise number of kilometres as well as the regularity of services”, stated COO of the company AAA AUTO, Karolína Topolová. She also added: “We are constantly trying to increase the portion represented by cars with clear domestic origin. This autumn we have been successful for the first time in reaching the limit of 70%, which is the most among our competitors.“

8. November 2010
AAA AUTO lodges a complaint against Auto ESA
Prague, 8th of November 2010 – The company AAA AUTO lodges a complaint against its competitor Auto ESA. Within a regular monitoring of internet forums, the company has actually discovered that harming contributions had been sent from one unique IP address, belonging to the company Auto ESA. The concerned internet site is

16. September 2010
AAA AUTO website confirmed its position as the most readed!
Prague, 16th September, 2010 – AAA AUTO website marked a record attendance in the first September week when the site was visited by over 225,000 unique visitors. Compared to the last year it is 110 % increase. Increased website traffic had positive effect on sales of vehicles, which compared to the last year increased by almost 20 %. AAA AUTO website confirmed its position as the most visited site among used car dealers in the Czech Republic

1. September 2010
AAA AUTO and SOVA Association: We want rewound odometers to be a criminal behavior
Prague, 1st September, 2010 – There could be in the future sentence for two years in a prison for the fraudulent rewind tachometers with used cars. The AAA AUTO Group together with the Association for the Protection of Car Owners - SOVA requires it in its own amendment proposal to the Criminal Code. Number of cars with rewound odometers is steadily increasing.

26. August 2010
AAA AUTO Group reports its unaudited consolidated financial results
Prague / Budapest, 26th August 2010 – The consolidated financial results for the first half of 2010 reported today by AAA Auto Group N.V. confirm the preliminary reported net income of EUR 2.3 million and other selected indicators and trends the company commented on 11th August 2010.

30. July 2010
An Attendance Record of AAA AUTO’s website
Prague, 30th July, 2010 – AAA AUTO’s website reached in the week from 19. 7. – 25. 7. an attendance record when it registered 311 thousand visitors from 215 thousand unique visitors. Website traffic in mentioned period doubled compared to the average of the previous year. It reached its highest ratings in the history of

22. July 2010
Declaration of AAA AUTO about rewound odometers cause
Prague, 22nd of July – The Company AAA AUTO welcomes the present initiative to establish rewound odometers as criminal behavior and is cooperating with chosen subjects on a possible version of the corresponding paragraphs that would define rewound odometers as a crime.

13. July 2010
Over 90% of customers do ask for cars with air conditioned
Prague, 13th of July – Almost every person interested in buying a used car is asking for air conditioned one, when visiting a used-cars retailer. “Normally we sell about 70 to 80% of cars with AC, but during last weekend, when temperatures were that high, we have reached a percentage of 94%”, told AAA AUTO selling director David Keller. The increased demand for air conditioned cars will continue in the next days, due to the weather forecast announcing another heat to come.

1. July 2010
AAA AUTO launches the competition “Win Škoda Fabia Ambiente”
Prague 1st July – The company AAA AUTO has launched a great summer competition “Win Škoda Fabia Ambiente”, which will last until the end of September. The competition is open to all candidates, regardless of whether they are customers of AAA AUTO or not. Just visit our company´s website or sign up in the internet corner at any branch.

21. June 2010
AAA AUTO Group: monthly and weekly record sales
Prague, 21st of June 2010 – The sales season of used cars has fully started, AAA AUTO sold a record number of 3 700 cars during the month of May, which is the highest number achieved in a one-year period. The trend of increased demand is continuing, with a record number of 702 cars sold in the third week of June in the Czech Republic, which is the best result realized from the beginning of this year.

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