AAA AUTO Code of Ethics


Its major pillars are:

  • Respect the laws of the specific country where you are employed
  • Respect and work together with managers and colleagues
  • Show maximum helpfulness toward customers
  • Maintain the confidentiality of internal information
  • Act in the interests of the company and further its good reputation
  • Respect the environment


AAA AUTO, a. s. rules of employee professional behavior

  • Every person who works for AURES Holdings a.s. or for any of its subsidiaries (referred to here as "AAA"), must follow the laws of the country they work in as well as AAA AUTO’s internal rules. They must behave honestly and in accordance with moral and cultural principles of the country they work in.
  • Every person who works for AAA must show respect for their superiors and colleagues and abide by the standards of mutual trust and cooperation. Every AAA employee should keep in mind the fact they represent an international company.
  • Customer satisfaction is our mission and all persons working for AAA must remember that the customer comes always first. Customer satisfaction is more important than short-term profit or selfish gain.
  • The customer deserves a polite and pleasant approach and behaviour at all times and under all circumstances; this also includes during any process of complaint the customer may make and the process to resolve any issue the customer may have. Any disregarding of rights in connection with a customer's nationality or status, or otherwise, is strictly prohibited.
  • In cases where the employee is not able to resolve a customer's problem or concern, he or she must inform his or her superior immediately.
  • Employees of AAA should understand and bear in mind the fact that AAA must report to, and is accountable to, its investors and shareholders and that a good reputation is essential for its success.
  • It is prohibited for AAA employees to comment on company policies and issues. Even seemingly unimportant internal information that may be disclosed unintentionally can harm the company’s image in the eyes of the public or shareholders. Only Authorized AAA spokespeople or Authorized managers are permitted to make comments.
  • Every person who works for AAA must work in such a way as to protect legitimate company interests as well as the environment. All obligations arising from the laws or moral principles of the country must be properly respected as required.
  • It is prohibited for any AAA employee to abuse their position for their own or somebody else's profit. This also includes all information, intellectual or physical property and "know how" of AAA. It is also forbidden for employees to carry out business with AAA with the help of or via any third party.
  • It is strictly prohibited for any person to misuse any confidential information obtained during the course of or in relation to their work for AAA, or while working for their own or another business. All information that has not been published by AAA is considered confidential.
  • Employees cannot perform work or pursue an undertaking in a line of work or area similar to their position in AAA without permission from their employer.
  • It is prohibited to accept or keep any gifts or benefits from a third party. In cases where it is not possible to refuse such gifts or benefits, the employee must hand over the gifts to the General Manager, the Secretary or their work superior.
  • Business dinners or similar events must not exceed the relevant limit allocated for the AAA employee's position. This also includes issues related to matters of discussion that may occur at such events. All employees must have their superior’s permission. In the event of any suggested or implied bribery of an AAA employee by any person or third party, the employee must advise and forewarn such persons to stop what they are doing and then avoid any further direct contact with such persons.
  • Any AAA employees who are involved in a situation where AAA is at risk of sustaining any damage must take action to avert such risk insofar as they are able to do so, and to inform their superiors or any other person who is able to avert or reduce such damage or danger.
  • The AAA spokesperson is the only person authorized to communicate with or make any comment to the press. All questions or comments obtained or requested by the press must be passed on to the PR department.
  • The rules of professional behaviour must be followed by all AAA employees and suppliers of AAA from the moment they are made aware of the existence of the rules and/or have acquainted themselves with the rules.

Any breach of or failure to follow the rules shall be considered a breach of work discipline and may lead to penalties, sanctions or dismissal.

 Prague, 25th April 2007


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